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When it comes to water, Finland is an exceptional country. We can use clean drinking water for washing and rarely experience supply issues. For the inhabitants of countries suffering from water shortages, this may seem like an incomprehensible luxury.

Wastewater treatment is just as important as clean water. There are many population centres around the world with no functional wastewater system.

We represent top professional expertise in hydraulic engineering and contracting, and we specialise in solving different water industry challenges. We have conducted a large number of projects in Finland and abroad since 2002. Currently, we have ongoing projects in Russia and other countries.

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We are constantly looking for new talents. We offer positions in design, sales and project management, among others. We also often have openings in our international projects.

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If you are interested in the water industry and the opportunities it has to offer, don’t hesitate to contact us and tell us about your background and skills. We may have a trainee position or a thesis topic waiting just for you.

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