Additional services

All essential services under one roof

In a project we have designed and implemented, we are naturally the best option for the experts in charge of installation, maintenance and spare parts.

Spare parts – We provide original spare parts for the devices we have supplied. When you use original parts, the devices function reliably and as intended.

Installation service – Correct installation is as important as well-functioning devices. Our experts have the best knowledge about the devices we supply and different operating environments.

Installation supervision – If the customer already has the installation competence required, we can provide installation supervision, if needed.

Maintenance – When a customer enters into a maintenance agreement with us, we take responsibility for the smooth functioning of the devices we have supplied. We also provide the customer’s personnel with training on the correct use and monitoring of the devices.

Operating services – Outsourcing the operating of the plants to us is a carefree solution for the customer. We assume the overall responsibility for operating the plant, including chemicals and human resources.


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