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Our work has a tangible impact on future generations.

Clean water is a prerequisite for all life, and our experts work tirelessly to ensure clean water for all – one water plant, one factory and one wastewater treatment plant at a time.

We are proud of our high level of competence in water engineering and contracting, which has helped us solve numerous challenges in the water industry in Finland and abroad since 2002.

More than 660 million people still live without clean drinking water. On a global scale, 80% of wastewater is not purified or reused. We have a genuine reason to get up and go to work in the morning.

Wastewater treatment
High-quality and cost-effective project contracting for wastewater treatment plants.
Wastewater treatment
Water treatment
We design and implement facilities for clean water processing.
Water treatment

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Do you want to solve future challenges today? Choose the water industry

We are constantly looking for new talents. We offer positions in design, sales and project management, among others. We also often have openings in our international projects.