Device supply and installation supervision for a renovation project


JSC Ilim Group is a Russian forest industry group owning pulp, paper and paperboard factories in Bratsk and Ust-Ilimsk in Irkutsk Oblast, Koryazhma in Arkhangelsk Oblast and Pavlovsk in Saint Petersburg. The company is a cooperating partner of the U.S.-based International Paper.

The Koryazhma forest industry centre is located inNorthwest Russia in Koryazhma, Arkhangelsk Oblast. The factory has three pulp production lines and seven paper machines with a total production volume of more than 1.3 million tonnes of finished products in a year. The factory has about 3,300 employees. 


The client’s previous equipment was at the end of its service life. As a replacement, the client needed high-quality equipment with reasonable life cycle costs.

In addition to equipment deliveries, installation supervision is an essential part of the project. The installation supervision required not only the installation and commissioning of the equipment, but also the training of local factory workers in the use and maintenance of the equipment.

The most critical part of the project coincided with the COVID pandemic. Despite the new travel restrictions, the equipment had to be delivered. 


At this renovation site, a total of 6 sealing devices, 14 sluice gates and 9 clarifiers were replaced within four years. Econet considered the renovation of old structures, potential dimensional variance and other factors when designing solutions for the renovation site. The professionals will adapt each piece of equipment and each installation to fit the existing structures. 

Econet implemented the installation supervision within the schedule set by the client by sending a supervisor from Finland to instruct, direct and train the local installers on the site.

Carrying out installation work during the COVID pandemic was a particular challenge, but our installation supervisor was able to guide the installers remotely from Finland. Thanks to thorough preparations and the seamless cooperation between Econet and the client, installation supervision was carried out successfully.


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