Heikki Viitanen is the new CEO of Econet Oy

Heikki Viitanen, MSE, has been appointed the new CEO of Econet Oy, from 12 August 2021 onwards.

After the acquisition concluded on 12 August 2021, the entire share capital of Econet Oy transferred to Econet Engineering Oy, owned by Heikki Viitanen, Taina Dammert and Mika Kärkkäinen.

Viitanen has been working at the Econet Group since 2018, his previous position being Director of Procurement and Logistics. He has previously performed managerial duties at companies such as Instru Optiikka Oy and Finnfrost Oy.

“The future is bright. Environmental issues are becoming an increasingly talked about matter globally. The operators in Russia, our main market, have become aware of environmental issues and the official requirements have been tightened up. The emissions standards for the production plants that are now being planned and constructed are at least on the European level,” Viitanen says.

Econet’s other main market is Finland, where Viitanen believes the investments of both industry and municipal operators will increase in the near future.

“We strongly believe that the market for project competence in water treatment will continue to grow, both here and abroad,” Viitanen continues.

Viitanen describes how the acquisition will bring the owners even closer to the daily operations.

“Econet is growing into a modern project company that focuses on its core competence areas.”


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