Econet expands its operations in Central Asia by establishing a subsidiary in Uzbekistan

Finnish water and environment project contractor Econet is strengthening its position as a global player by establishing a subsidiary in Uzbekistan.

Econet CA is part of the company’s strategic expansion plan to participate in emerging markets and infrastructure projects in the Central Asian region.

Econet’s strengths include Finnish excellence in water and environmental engineering. Since 2002, the company has designed and implemented challenging water and wastewater treatment projects for industry and municipalities in 41 countries. Entering the Central Asian market is an important milestone for Econet.

“Uzbekistan understands the importance of clean water for society’s overall development. Finnish water expertise is recognised worldwide, and we strongly believe that we can contribute to promoting access to clean water and environmental sustainability in Uzbekistan. High-quality European solutions will guarantee high-quality results for decades to come,” says Mika Kärkkäinen, Chairman of Econet’s Board of Directors.

Econet CA aims to support Uzbekistan’s efforts to improve its water supply infrastructure and environment. The company will provide a wide range of equipment and technology solutions to improve water supply, wastewater treatment and environmental management. Econet will also work closely with local stakeholders to ensure the solutions fully adapt to Uzbekistan’s needs and challenges.

Working together to enter new markets

“Special thanks to the Nordic International University team in Tashkent and the Agency for Innovative Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan for their outstanding support and cooperation. We were positively surprised by the ease of business registration in Uzbekistan. In one working day, we got all the necessary documents in order,” says Kärkkäinen.

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