Econet delivers a wastewater treatment plant to the Russian Segezha Group

Econet Ltd will deliver a wastewater treatment plant to the Russian wood processing giant Segezha Group, which plans to modernise its pulp and paper mill in Sokol, Vologda.

The delivery contract was concluded in April 2021.

For Econet, the implementation of the new treatment plant includes the design of the plant, technological manufacture and delivery, construction supervision, commissioning and training. Contractors with a direct contractual relationship with the client will perform the construction work and equipment installations.

“This is the second significant order Econet has received from Russia within a short period of time. We believe that this demand will continue as the Russian forest industry is seeing heavy growth,” says Mika Kärkkäinen, Chair of the Board at Econet.

The project is currently in its design stage, and equipment deliveries will begin in 2022. The technological products will be transported from Finland on trucks. The planned commissioning has been synchronised to coincide with the commissioning of the new paper machine in the spring of 2023.

Segezha Group is owned by the conglomerate AFK Sistema.


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Mika Kärkkäinen
Director, Operations in Russia